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Soft Hands:

• Massage for 3 to 5 minutes with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar. You can also use yogurt and sugar. Rinse with warm water.
• Use dark pan sugar or brown sugar loaf to rub your hands. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Sweaty Hands:

• Rub your hands with a lump of lard. Then add salt and rub again. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse your hands with soap and water.
• Wash your hands daily with dermatological astringent soap. After that, rub alcohol with camphor. Then add talc.
• You can use a hen’s gallbladder to stop your hands from sweating. Rub it on your hands.

Hand Stains:

1. Plantain or vegetable stains:
• Rub with a pumice stone or tooth paste.
• Apply a little cooking oil and rub.
• Cut a lemon in half and rub your hands with it.

2. Cigarette Stains:
• Rub with peroxide or oxygenated water.
• Rub them with a lemon every day.

3.To clean dirty an withered hands make a paste with corn starch and vinegar, rub your hands with this mixture and

Bad Odors in Your Hands:

1. Onion smell:
• Chop some parsley and rub it on your hands.
• Rub your fingers with a knife blade for a few minutes.
• Rub your hands with the peel of any citric fruit.

2. Fish smell:
• Rub your hands with the coffee grinds left over after you make coffee.
• Rub your hands with beer.
• Apply abundant soap to your hands and then apply a little bit of kerosene and rinse.
• Add salt and vinegar to water and wash your hands with it.

3. Bleach smell:
Submerge your hands in Alka-Seltzer, leave for a few minutes and rinse.

4. Condiment smell:
Submerge your hands in warm water for a few minutes.