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Mouth, Lips and Teeth

33Your lips and your teeth are a very important. According to several studies most people look at your lips and mouth before they look at any other part of your body. They are a powerful sexual attraction point.
Caring for your lips should be a part of your daily beauty routine. The skin on the lips is very sensitive and as they do not have sweat glands, it is important to protect them from the elements. Always wear protective lip balm to avoid dry, chapped lips.
Teeth are even more important than lips. Even if you don’t have perfect teeth, you can still protect them and care for them by practicing preventive dental care. Vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, calcium, magnesium and cleaning and daily brushing are essential to keep your teeth and gums in good condition.
You can clean your teeth every day, but it may not be appropriate cleaning. You have to brush your teeth after meals to prevent bacteria from forming plaque which is a tough film composed of bacteria that adhere to the surface of the teeth continuously.
Teeth are for life, and once we lose them, they are gone forever. On these pages you will find natural recipes that you can make yourself to take better care of your lips and teeth.

A box of salt is an important item in every bathroom. It can replace many of the toiletries that we must use every day and it is more economic. The following, are some of the uses for salt in the bathroom:

Extend toothbrush life.
Soak toothbrushes in salt water before your first use them and they will last longer.

Clean teeth.
• Use one part fine salt to two parts of baking soda to brush your teeth. Put some of the mix on your toothbrush and brush as usual.
• You can also use the same mix dissolved in water to wash orthodontic apparatuses.
• It is an effective dentifrice. Gently brush your teeth with a paste of salt and water. Salt not only cleans your teeth, but it helps keep your gums and teeth fresh and healthy.
• The antiseptic and bactericidal qualities of sea salt help remove plaque which is a cause of gingivitis and caries.

Rinse your mouth.
• Mix equal parts salt and baking soda in water for a fresh and deodorizing mouth rinse.
• In mild solutions, it makes an excellent mouthwash. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and use as a mouthwash.

Ease mouth problems.
For canker sores, abscesses and other mouth problems, rinse your mouth with a weak solution of warm salt water several times a day.

Ease throat pain.
Mix salt and warm water and make gargles to relieve a sore throat.

White teeth:
• Prepare a paste with mashed strawberries. Apply some of it on your toothbrush. Brush your teeth vigorously but without hurting your gums. Your teeth will look whiter and without stains.
• Wet your toothbrush and apply some baking soda. Brush on your teeth. Repeat every 3 months. DO NOT ABUSE baking soda because IT CAN REMOVE THE ENAMEL ON YOU TEETH.

Good breath:
• To avoid having bad breath chew on parsley leaves.
• For bad breath chew apple peel.
• If you smoke and don’t want to have smoker’s breath, chew on cloves.
• If you don’t have any mouth rinse use water, add a pinch of salt and a few drops of mint oil to give your mouth a fresh sensation.

Fresh lips:
• Apply Vaseline or Vick Vapor Rub on your lips every night before going to bed. Your lips will never look dry or chapped. You can use Chap-stick too.
• Mix: 10 grams of white wax, 10 grams of almond oil, and 2 drops of rose essence. Apply this mixture to your lips every night before you go to bed. Your lips will never be dry.