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062 300dpi 3872x2592 all-free-download.comNothing is more rewarding than getting home to a clean and fresh smelling house; it makes you feel like having a glass of wine with friends, or relaxing in front of the T.V. without having to worry about things being dirty and disorganized. I personally hate cleaning, but I like my house to be clean and organized.
To keep a clean house it is not necessary to use a lot of chemical products that apart from being expensive are harmful to the health of humans, animals and the environment, yet they are used without remorse or conscience. Many times you can obtain the same results using what you have at hand; common, economic and natural products that are used in all homes: vinegar, salt, lemon, oxygenated water, bicarbonate, and soap. Many home recipes can be prepared with these and you can enjoy a clean house without having to worry about all the toxic substances in store bought cleaning products.

The recipes that appear on these pages, made with home products, are good for cleaning, washing and removing dirt and they have little or no impact on the environment. These domestic products have been tested by thousands of people and they have been passed on through many generations.

Maintain an airy house so it doesn’t smell bad; open doors and windows whenever possible. You can use natural oils and fragrances to give your house a nice atmosphere and there are many options available. I personally don’t like them but they seem to be a favorite for many people.f you have pets, try to keep them outside. If it is absolutely necessary that they live inside, make sure they are clean and don’t smell.

Do a general cleaning at least two times a year. Throw away all the things that your family no longer needs or uses that way there will be less clutter. It is a great feeling to open a closet and see everything organized. Make it a point to designate a place for each thing and that each item has its own place and make sure everybody does it.

Teach your family to help you maintain a clean house. The less you get things dirty, the less you will have to clean.