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Clothing Care

Architetto silouette donna vestiAlthough there are plenty of detergents, fabric softeners and all kinds of products that promise and guarantee amazing cleaning results, there are wonderful homemade alternatives that work just as well or better. Homemakers should consider grandma’s remedies and methods for clothing care, so they can enjoy their favorite clothes for a lot longer.

Extending the life of your clothing often depends on following the manufacturer’s instructions on fabrics that require special treatment for washing, ironing and drying. Wear and tear is also important. Consider providing special care for those materials that require it; brushing certain clothes before storing them, never storing dirty clothes and hanging them properly are some of the things you can do to keep your clothes in good condition.

If you want your clothes and linens to always look like new, you must exercise some special care. Besides the usual problems all clothes present, there are problems specific to certain types of fabrics such as silks, linens, knitted garments, synthetics and so on. To eliminate all these problems there are very simple, interesting and easy tricks that you will find in these pages. Put them into practice and forget about clothing problems.