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Storing Clothes

homeorgTo store clothes in an orderly way, saves a great deal of space; so necessary in the reduced spaces that modern constructions offer. Besides organizing everything and maintaining it in the same place saves time and money.
In the bedroom closet you should only store those clothes that are worn more frequently. The ones that are seldom worn are better stored in another room in the house. If this is not possible, the best thing to do is to divide the available space in your closet and classify the clothes into the different compartments.
Clothes should all be folded the same size to save space. It is better to place clothes that you wear frequently in the middle shelves. The higher and lower shelves could be used to place those items that aren’t worn so often such as sweaters, jackets, etc.
Smaller and more delicate clothes are best placed inside a drawer in your closet. It is a good idea to get drawer dividers so they will always look neat and organized and we can find our socks and underwear more easily.
To protect our clothes from moth bites, it is advisable to use some kind of insect repellent product to keep these and other pests at bay. In these pages you will find practical and useful tricks to keep your clothes in good shape.

Keep packed clothes wrinkle free:
Don’t iron on your vacation. Instead, use tissue paper to wrap your pressed garments, and they’ll travel virtually wrinkle free. Once at your hotel, unpack immediately. Steam out remaining creases by hanging clothes in the bathroom while you shower with hot water.

Fold a fitted sheet:
Hold the sheet inside out the long way. Then place a hand inside each of the two upper corners and bring your fingertips together. Turn the left corner inside out, and fit it over the right corner; one corner is nested inside the other. Repeat for the other side; nest all four.

Keep your pantyhose from running:
Keep all nails – hands and feet- trimmed and filed. Never machine-wash hose; always hand wash with mild liquid soap.