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Indoor Plants

       How to care for ferns

  • plant nature fernBury a clove of garlic 10 centimeters from the root of your fern and in a few days it will look beautiful.
  • Take a litter of water and add the juice of one lemon. Water your ferns with it. It makes them green and shiny.
  • Ferns like to have moist soil.
  • To make your ferns grow faster, make 3 small holes in the soil around the root and pour a teaspoon of castor oil in each. They will grow like magic.
  • Sprinkle your ferns with watered down tea and place the tea grinds in the soil and mix.
  • When your fern leaves begin to have some fibers, do not cut them, roll them up and place them inside the pot. The fern will grow faster and stronger.
  • For ferns not to look whitish and withered put a contraceptive pill in the soil every month.

How to care for house plants

Cactuses favorite food is milk, provided once a month.To reproduce a cactus cut one of the leaves and wait until it becomes crusty. Plant it at shallow depth and place it in a hot place but in the shadow. Do not water the first few days. It needs at least 40 days to take root.

Violets do not like water on their leaves. The best way to water them is to place a dish with water underneath the pot.

Roses exposed to the sun will develop white spots. Spray them with water and detergent. It is important to remove branches with more than 7 leaves. Healthy branches typically have 5 leaves.

Rubber Plants
Clean both sides of its leaves often since dust prevents breathing. They can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in milk.

Green and shinny plants

  • The leaves in your plants will glow if you clean them with a cloth impregnated in beer or in vinegar and water.
  • Wet a cotton ball in egg white and clean the leaves of your plants with it.When the leaves of your plants start to lose their color, turn them to their natural tone with clean soap water.
  • Never use oil to give shine to the leaves of your plants because this will cover the pores and they will wither.
  • To have beautiful plants water them with a very light infusion of tea. The leftover tea grinds can be mixed with the soil.