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Watering Tips

Plants need disciplined watering schedules to maintain their beauty and firmness. Sometimes there are drawbacks that prevent us from watering them as often as we should like plants located in places difficult to reach or placed on surfaces that can not get wet. These problems have simple solutions using some small tricks.

General Tips:
Irrigation water should never be too cold or too hot and hopefully not to contain chlorine.
Make a habit of moistening the leaves using a spray bottle. Be sure to moisten the bottom of the leaves where the stomata are located. These are the organs through which leaves breathe.
Whenever you put a plant in a new flower pot, place a piece of sponge in the bottom of the pot. This way the plant retains moisture and takes advantage of irrigation water in its entirety.

Leave a healthy plant at its place:
Sometimes we think we should move our plants into the courtyard to receive a little rain; since nothing is better than rain water for our plants, to stay beautiful and healthy. But this is not always good. If your plant is beautiful and healthy in a particular place, don’t move it from there. If the plant is growing tilted toward the light, turn the pot a quarter turn each week to match the direction of foliage.

Do not water the flowers:
To make flowers last longer and not wither quickly, it's better not to get them wet when you water the plant. It is best to water plants by the base and be very careful not to dampen the flowers because this is one of the reasons why the rot quickly.

How to water hanging plants:
Hanging plants are a bit uncomfortable to irrigate. To facilitate this task, especially in summer when we have to irrigate every day, put a small bottle filled with water upside down and bury it in the soil. The plant will extract water from the bottle.

How to water plants during the holidays:
Often, when we go out of town, the problem of who is going to water our plants comes up. If we can not get someone to take care of our plants there is a trick so our house plants do not die of thirst. Fill the tub with one or two inches of water and place the plants in it. They will absorb the water they need from the bathtub.

Moss for plants:
If you are going to be absent for a few days get moss and place it all around the soil of the plant. Moisten the moss well. It must be soaked.

Steam for plants:
When you only want to spend the weekend away from home, place plants in the bathroom and open the hot water faucet. Close the door and let the steam invade around the room. Let your plants absorb the entire moisture vapor. Leave the plants there over the weekend.

Automatic Irrigation:
If you are going to be absent from home for several days and you are afraid your plants will die of thirst, place a plastic bottle filled with water upside down, and bury it the soil. The plant will use whatever it requires.