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Baking and Baked Goods

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  • Freeze your egg whites when you use the yolks in other recipes. Whites will keep for quite a while, and you can use them in a lot of stuff.
  • Brush beaten egg white over pie crust or other baked goods before baking. You will obtain a beautiful glossy finish.
  • When a recipe calls for using flour in the baking pan, use dry cake mix instead and you won’t have a white mess outside of the cake.
  • To make sure that your baking yeast is still ok add half a teaspoon in a cup of hot water. If the water bubbles, the yeast is good. If it doesn’t bubble, throw it away. 
  • To stop flour from getting wet when you store it, place it inside a box with bay leaves.
  • Your bread dough will grow even more if you place it in a bowl inside another bowl and put in “Bain Marie”.
  • Make sure to pre-heat your oven for at least a minute before you start baking.

How to remove cakes from a pan:

  • Remove the borders of a cake by passing the tip of a knife around the pan, then introduce the pan in hot water for a few seconds (be careful not to get water in the cake). Slowly, turn the pan upside down over a plate and tap gently with your hand on the bottom of the pan. If it doesn’t come out repeat the process.
  • If you remove a cake from a pan and a little of the cake is left in, leave the pan upside down, put ice on the pan and the cake piece will fall easily.
  • For cakes that stick to the pan, add bread crumbs after you grease the pan. After you do this the cake will come out easier.
  • When you make gelatin, spray the side of the container with oil before you pour the mixture in. When you serve the gelatin, it will come out of the mold easier.