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dog bathing

Simple Tricks to Care for a Smelly Dog

  • Use vinegar and water, equal parts, to spray over the area where puppies or dogs have gone to the bathroom. The smell will dissipate and your dogs won’t go to the bathroom in the same spot.
  • Use vinegar and water to bathe your dog. It will keep him from smelling bad for longer time. Make sure that the vinegar doesn’t get in its eyes.
  • Add vinegar to the shampoo you bathe your dogs with. It works for me.
  • Another trick for bathing your dogs is to add baking soda to the shampoo and to the last water you use to rinse your dog.
  • If you don’t have time to bathe your dog and he smells really bad, mix water and add a little vinegar (1/2 cup for each liter of water), wet a rag and ring. Pass the rag over the dog’s body and he will feel fresh and clean for a few more days.
  • If your dog smells bad, sprinkle some body talc over his body and brush well.