Apple's Health Benefits

Apple’s Health Benefits

Apple’s Health Benefits

Apples and Health

Apples are rich in sugar, specially fructose, and also sucrose and glucose in fewer amounts. They have excellent diet qualities because of their photochemical components such as flavinoids and quercitine; which are excellent antioxidants.

Apple peel is an excellent source of fiber and pectin.

Eating apples regulates your intestinal functions.

When you eat them raw, they help fight constipation due to the great amount of fiber in their meat and peel.

It also contains tannins which are substances with astringent and anti inflammatory proprieties that dry and disinflame the intestinal mucus. That is why they are so effective for combating diarrhea. Tannins appear when apples oxidize with the atmosphere.

If you are suffering from diarrhea, peel a ripe apple, leave out in the air for ten minutes so it oxidizes and eat it with a spoon.

If you are on a diet, apples are excellent to nibble on because they have few calories and distract you from eating something fattening. Eating apples with their skin on helps eliminate fat from your organism.

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