cosmetic party


There are a lot of beauty products in the market today. There is one for every cosmetic need: for softening wrinkles, for fading away age spots, for all types of skin, for your nails, your lips or your hair. Some of these cosmetic products are very expensive and the cheap ones don’t guarantee any real effects. They must be used strictly and for prolonged periods of time to yield any results and this can mean a lot of money even for those who have money to burn.
For this reason, we shouldn’t forget the simple and economical homemade products and ideas of our mothers and grandmothers; which in the majority of cases can be very effective, if put into practice. Creams, masks, moisturizers, softeners that you can prepare yourself and that don’t contain harmful substances. Using natural ingredients, not tested on animals, free of chemicals that irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions, can be a very good thing.