Other Uses for Tomatoes

Other Uses for Tomatoes

What you didn’t know about Tomatoes.

Tomatoes are not only nutricious and delicious in any recipe, but they also have great benefits for our skin. If you want to enjoy these benefits, please take note of the recipes offered in the following notes.

  • Tomatoes are a natural astringent and they will help you keep a beautiful complexion. Apply the pulp of a fresh tomato on the blemishes that appear on the skin. Tomatoes will help ripen pimples so they can be removed easier.
  • Apply tomato on skin burns. It helps soothe the burning.
  • Put a ripe tomato in hot water that has come to a boil and leave it for about 3 minutes. Remove the skin of several tomatoes and mash them in a blender. Use this tomato puree as a mask on your face; it is excellent for cleaning and softening the skin.

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