Berry Stains

Berry Stains

Berry stains are difficult to remove.

It is a good idea to treat berrry stains quickly so they don’t become permanent. For most fruit stains you can use salt. Let the salt sit over the stain and then rinse with hot water. Lemon works very well on some berry stains too. Another trick that works is to use the water where you have cooked white beans, to wash the clothes.

Blackberry stains

These stains are tough. If the stain is fresh use peroxide and then wash with cold water.

Strawberry stains

These stains are very stubborn. Use borax to soften the stain and then wash with cold water. Strawberry stains on white clothes use water down bleach. If the stain has been dry for a while can be removed with a solution of borax and salt ammonia.

Cherry stains

Wash in detergent and cold water and then soak in milk until the stain has disappeared completely.


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