Cigarette Smoking Facts

Cigarette Smoking Facts

  • A smoker’s organism dies faster. With each cigarette you smoke you are cutting 8 minutes of your life.
  • Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for getting cancer and pulmonary emphysema. You will be more at risk if you smoke in excess and started smoking at an early age.
  • Unlit cigarettes are harmless, but once you light them up, the combustion produces 4.000 toxic gases; carbon monoxide, ammonia, and nicotine among them. They will move into your lungs and become part of your organism. They are toxic guests that produce cancer, burn your nose, your throat and increase your cardiac rhythm.
  • You will become mute because it will affect your vocal chords.
  • Cigarettes obstruct the coronary arteries that are why smokers get tired easier and have complicated breathing. Besides, cigarette smoke contains radioactive particles that can be the source of malignant tumors in the bodies of active and passive smokers.
  • Cigarettes are to die for……and you will probably die. Smoking increases your blood pressure making the heart work harder. They can also be the cause of arteriosclerosis and chronic bronchitis. Non smokers are also at risk if they share a smoker’s environment. When somebody in the family smokes they all smoke.
  • When a pregnant woman smokes, she is forcing the fetus to smoke. In each cigarette breath she takes, all the toxic substances are reaching the baby. The fetus’ cardiac rhythm increases and its heart begins to work extra hard. Babies born to smoking mothers are smaller and can have developmental problems. They can catch colds easier and have bronchial and respiratory illnesses throughout their lives. Pregnant women, who smoke, are at a higher risk of having a miscarriage or delivering a dead fetus.
  • Children do what they see and when family or friends smoke, they don’t think there is anything wrong with doing it. Massive media glamorizes and legitimates this vice, and little by little it will become a normal activity for them.
  • Children and young adults who cohabitate with smokers, become passive smokers themselves.

Non-smokers’ rights

  • Do not allow anybody to smoke in your presence or in the presence of your children or pregnant women.
  • Make people respect your rights. Be assertive.
  • Make people respect the non smoking signs

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