Clean Bathrooms

Clean Bathrooms

Cleanliness is much more important and necessary in the bathroom than in any other room in the house, because it is the place where personal hygiene takes place.

Baking soda, chalk powder, vinegar or lemon, among many other natural products, are effective cleaners and disinfectants. They eliminate the need for chemicals and abrasives that can damage tile and bathroom fixtures. Toilets, faucets and drains could also be damaged if not cleaned properly.

Sinks easily accumulate soap and toothpaste residue and hair can get trapped in the sinks drain. It should be cleaned regularly so the scum doesn’t become permanent and to prevent odors. Mirrors, the inseparable companions of sinks, must be always be clean and shiny.

Toilets get dirty continuously and it is important to keep them clean and disinfected to assure proper hygiene. Bleach should never be used in its disinfection since prolonged use can cause cracks in the toilet’s porcelain. It is advisable to clean it frequently with a toilet brush and use only natural products.

Clean Mildew off a shower curtain

Don’t scrub it with a sponge, just put the plastic curtain in the washing machine witha a regular amount of detergent, chlorine bleach and a load of dirty white towels (use warm water, not hot). Hang the curtain back on the rod and let dry.

Defog your bathroom mirror

If your bathroom mirror gets steamed after a shower, just use your blow-dryer to defog it.

Freshen stale air

To clear the air of stale odors, put 1 ounce of ammonia and 1 or 2 quarts of water in a large bowl and leave it out for several hours. (be sure it’s beyond the reach of children and pets).

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