Different Food Stains

Different Food Stains

Egg stains

Egg stains on washable fabrics are not a problem, just remove the egg with a kitchen spatula and wash normally with cold water.

If the stain is on a non-washable fabric remove the egg with a wet sponge in warm water and salt.

You can also try letting the egg dry and brushing it off.

On white clothes: rub the stain with wet salt and then wash with hot water.

Egg stains on colour fabrics can be removed with a solution of ammonia and water. You can also use the magic stain remover. ( see recipe).

Tea stains

Treat them with glycerine before you wash them with clear water.

Chocolate stains

Don’t let the stain set in. Rub the stain with boric acid before it dries.
Wash the garment with soda water or soap and after the chocolate has been removed, treat it as you would any grease stain.

Mustard stains

Rub a raw onion on the stain before washing it as usual.

Coffee stains

A garment that has been stained with coffee should be placed in cold water with salt, immediately.

If you accidentally drop coffee or tea on your clothes, rub them with very cold water as soon as you get the stain.

Coffee stains disappear with warm water and borax.

For coffee or tea stains on colour fabrics, dilute an egg yolk in a little bit of warm water. Apply this solution on the stain. Rinse with warm water.

Before you wash a garment that has been stained with coffee, rub the stain with glycerine.

Boiling white clothes in a mixture of water and mild soap always gets rid of coffee stains.

Wine Stains

When you spill wine on a tablecloth add lemon juice to the stain and let it dry. Wash normally.

It the stain is red wine on a white tablecloth, add salt and soda water.

On red wine stains use ethyl alcohol and water on equal parts.

Apply a thick layer of salt as soon as you spill the wine and the stain will come off easily.

Red wine stains can be removed with soda water, white wine of champagne. Apply any of these three on the red wine stain and it will disappear immediately. The other, white wine and champagne stains, will come off in the laundry.

Cotton clothes or wool colour clothes can be washed with salt of ammonia.

Red wine stains on white cotton clothes can be removed with chlorine bleach.

To remove red wine stains on furniture or carpets, add soda water first and dry with paper towels.

Cod Oil Stains

Treat repeatedly with turpentine and hot soapy water. This procedure can remove very persistent stains. If the stain is on white fabrics place them outside in the sun after the treatment.

Mayonnaise stains

Scrape off excess mayonnaise and treat it with a pre-wash solution. Wash with the hottest water possible.

Barbecue sauce stains

Flush cold water from the inside to the outside of the garment. The best way is to put it under a faucet and let the water run. Use a toothbrush to tamp the stain from the inside out. Don’t scrub! Add a solution of white vinegar and water to what remains of the stain and let it sit. Wash in warm water.

Milk stains

The best thing to do is to rinse the clothes in cold water immediately.

Milk or any milk based sauce stains can be treated with diluted alcohol.

If the milk stain is on non washable fabrics use turpentine oil and lemon juice to remove the stain.

  • Mix 2 parts turpentine oil
  • 1 part lemon juice.

Liquor stains

If the stain is fresh, place clothes in hot water immediately.

If the stain is old, wet with diluted alcohol before you use a mixture of peroxide and ammonia. You can also use the magic stain remover.

Ice cream or yogurt stains

Soak stains in cold water for a half an hour. After that rub with a liquid detergent and wash. If the stain is old and dry, let it set in for several hours.

Beer stains

Use alcohol mixed with a mild liquid soap.

Use warm water and salt of ammonia on delicate fabrics.

Chewing gum stains

Chewing gum on small garments can be eliminated putting the garment in the freezer.

Larger pieces of clothing, furniture or carpets can be treated with ice cubes. Coldness can make chewing gum become breakable and pieces of it can be removed scraping them from the surface of the fabric.

Use the same technique, but try removing the excess gum with benzene and then wash.

Try paint thinner instead of benzene to remove what is left of the gum. Wash normally. After removing the majority of the gum, try using egg white to remove the rest. Wash normally.

Apply hairspray on the gum and let it dry. Then scrape off with a knife.

Vinegar stains

Remove vinegar stains with a solution of ammonia and water.

Cocoa stains

You can remove this type of stains with a mixture of water and a little amount of alcohol. Dry with a clean cloth.

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