Dogs: the Best Pet?

Dogs: the Best Pet?

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world and are the best domestic animals and they occupy a unique position in human society. They have shared all aspects of human life, its shelter, food, family and fortune, for thousands of years. No wonder they have been named “man’s best friend”.

Dogs are very resilient creatures and they adapt well to a great number or situations and environments. They have been employed in a variety of ways from guardian dogs, guide dogs, hunting dogs, to rodent controlling dogs and even the ones that share man’s bed and warm his feet.

There are approximately 400 dog breeds in the world today. Their size and shape vary, but all dogs are basically the same animal. The great amount of breeds means that there will always be the right dog for you no matter where you live or what kind of a person you are. And whichever you choose, big or small, purebred or mutt, you can rest assure that if you treat your dog with love and kindness, it will repay your love a million times. They could even become your best friend.

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