Nothing in the world can replace good health and that is why it is important to develop healthy habits from an early age. Eat well and avoid excesses. Eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water are key to preserving good health and preventing a large number of ailments. Stay Active. You do not have to belong to a gym to get a workout: clean your house, work in your garden, or walk around your neighborhood. Rest and avoid stressful situations. Do not smoke and avoid drugs.

Visit your doctor at least once a year. A visit to the doctor is the first step towards prevention. No amount of home remedies or health advice can replace the doctor when you need it, and no doctor can replace taking better care of your health. A routine check-up benefits not only sick people, but also healthy people. Prevention and early detection are critical for preventing disease. Take control of your health and do not wait to be sick to have a medical checkup; sometimes it is all that is needed for the diagnosis of a potentially serious disease, before it is too late. Get involved in your treatment, learn how your prescription medicines work and never take medications that you have prescribed for others.

Stay well informed. Learn about your body and how it works. Ignorance can kill. Be aware of your body, listen to it. Your physical appearance can bring clues to the state of your health. Nobody knows your body better than you. Maintain a positive attitude; It has been proven that maintaining a positive attitude can help you lead a better and much happier life regardless of any problems you may have.