washing windows


Nothing is more rewarding than getting home to a clean and nice smelling house. You can relax with a glass of wine with friends, or watch TV without having to worry about having a mess.

To keep it clean it is not necessary to use a large amount of chemicals that aside from being expensive, are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. Many times you can get the same results using the products that are on hand and used in all homes: vinegar, salt, lemon, hydrogen peroxide, bicarbonate, Varsol, and others. Many homemade recipes can be prepared from these products and you can enjoy a clean home without having to worry about all the toxic substances in the air.

Do a general cleaning at least twice a year. Throw away all the things that your family no longer need or use so will have less clutter. Teach your family to help keep things clean. It is important to teach children cleanliness and order. The less mess you make, the less you will need to clean.

The recipes on these pages, made with homemade products, are good for cleaning, washing and removing dirt and have little or no impact on the environment. These recipes have been tried by a lot of people and are quite effective.