Flowers in a Vase

Flowers in a Vase

Flowers in a Vase

To make flowers in a vase last longer, put a teaspoon of salt and one of alcohol in the water.

To keep your roses in a vase fresh longer, cut the stem obliquely before placing them on the vase.

If the flowers have stamens, sprinkle salt on them before placing them in a vase.

Before you place roses in a vase spray them with hair spray. They will last longer.

When you place flowers in a vase you should cut the leaves that are submerged in water because they rot faster and contaminate the water.

Some flowers last longer fresh in a vase when they add 3 teaspoons vinegar and 3 of sugar.

Change the water in your vase every other day to make your flowers last longer.

Before placing dahlias in a vase, put 4 ½ cups of water mixed with a teaspoon of alcohol. Let it sit for about two hours before you introduce the flowers. They will last longer.

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