Foods that Clean your Body

Foods that Clean your Body


This vegetable is full of vitamin B3, B6, C and Betacarotene. Beets are also a great source of iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium, minerals needed for optimal toxin removal.

It helps maintain healthy liver and gallbladder, which are so often hit by alcohol. These organs are key in the elimination of toxins.

Beets are rich in fiber necessary for good digestion. They stimulate the generation and excretion of body waste.


Foods rich in pectin, such as apples and pears, help eliminate “radioactive waste” from the body. Pectin attracts toxins, facilitating their elimination through urine and feces.


Garlic is well known for having liver-stimulating enzymes that help cleanse the body. It also has antiviral, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. These properties make garlic an excellent antibacterial.


In addition to containing large amounts of vitamin C, lemons increase alkalinity in the body, which helps balance the acidity of the food we eat. Thanks to this, our body rejects the toxins that we assimilate in our diet and from the environment, more effectively. It is recommended to drink lemon juice and hot water every morning before breakfast.


Eating only 2 tablespoons a day of this “super” food, will provide the daily ration of Omega-3 your body needs. The good fatty acids contained in flaxseed contribute to the development of healthy cells. Flaxseed also supports the metabolism and assimilation of manganese, an essential mineral in several vital body functions. Due to its high fiber content, it assures proper digestion.

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