Foot Care

Foot Care

Say good bye to calluses:

  • Apply callus medicine. Massage it daily with a pumice stone drench in liquid soap.
  • Mix a glass of unsweetened yogurt and ½ glass of apple or cider vinegar. Massage your feet with this mixture and some luffa. Use this mixture every night.
  • Put some water into a bowl and add a little bit of milk, 5 drops of baby oil and 1 Tbs. of hand cream. Introduce your feet and soak for about an hour. Scrub them with a pumice stone. Rinse and apply a soothing cream.

Feet Funguses:

  • Add boric acid to your feet powder in a proportion of 10 to 1. Apply daily.

Fortifying Foot Exercise:

  • It is very healthy to walk barefooted on your carpet or on sand because it will provide elasticity to the base of your feet.

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