Plants, in addition to being an excellent decorative element, bring color, life and joy to a home. They keep us busy and entertained and make us forget about our troubles. A house without plants feels incomplete. You can make any room in your house come alive with the addition of greenery. Houseplants offer a lot of beauty with a minimum expense, and have endless decorating possibilities.

Every corner of the house becomes a cozy area for the view, if decorated with a plant. Regardless of the part of the world in which you live, there are many plant varieties available that will thrive indoors and outdoors all year round. You just have to choose species that are well adapted to the conditions of temperature and humidity of the place where they will go. Whether you choose foliage or flowering plants, or a combination of the two, greenery is the perfect finishing touch to any room. Don’t let the size of your house curve your enthusiasm for plants. Even in a small room or entryway, a tall plant takes up very little space and contributes a great deal of interest. Plants add happiness to our lives.

An interesting plant container is the perfect finishing accent for a beautiful plant. Even some of the most unlikely items can make interesting habitats for plants. Bowls, pitchers, brass, copper, pewter and earth ware are some of the best candidates for displaying greenery. Also, old kitchen utensils, pots, pans, teakettles, old coffee grinders, make wonderful planter options. All you need is a little imagination.