Kinds of Stains

Kinds of Stains

Understanding Stains

Most stains come out in dry cleaning and this is the best solution for delicate and expensive clothes, but dry cleaning isn’t always available. When stains are fresh they are easier to remove. The fresher the stain, the easier it will be to remove it without leaving a trace. Most food stains can be removed if you soak them in warm water right away. Don’t wait until the stain dries or it will be harder to remove.

Colorfast Test

The first time you wash a color garment, make sure that it doesn’t bleed. To check for colorfastness follow these instructions:

Moisten the garment with warm water and add some soap. Rub a dry white cloth on the garment. If the color of the garment transfers onto the white cloth, it is colorfast and you must wash it separately.

Procedure for Removings All Stains

To remove a stain with any stain remover, you must place the garment (single layer only) on a flat surface. Put a dry, clean white cloth or a thick layer of absorbent paper under the garment, which must be replaced several times as the paper or rag gets wet. To apply the stain remover you must use a clean rag too. Never rub the fabric too hard because you might rub off the color. Tap the fabric gently with the wet rag instead. If you are working with delicate fabrics or colors, try the stain remover on a seam inside the garment first.

  • After eliminating stains with turpentine, ammonia, or similar products, it is necessary to rinse clothes very well to avoid fabric damage.
  • Treating stains with salt of ammonia can fade the treated spot. You will bring the original color to the fabric again if you apply water and vinegar to the faded area. It will recover its natural color.
  • Stains that have dried on the fabric are easier to remove if you soak the fabric first and then you wrap the garment in paper (blank newspaper type paper works well). The humidity will loosen up the stain.
  • When you use any stain remover, always work from the outside in to prevent shrinkage.
  • Always begin with the mildest stain remover and work your way up.

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