Home Fertilizers

Home Fertilizers


The ashes that result from burning wood in the fireplace are very good for your plants. These serve as fertilizers and also eliminate many of the insects that attack plants.


Dissolve a package of unflavored gelatin in a cup of boiling water. When well dissolved, gradually add three cups of cold water. Spray the plants with it once a month. Prepare only what you will use.


When cooking eggs, do not throw away the water. Let it cool and water your plants with this. The minerals left in the water by the eggs, will nourish your plants.

Egg shells are a good fertilizer for your plants. Place them in the blender or grind and mix with the soil of the plant.


When the milk container is empty, rinse the container and water your plants with that water.

Fish tank water

Do not throw away the water, when you wash the fish tank. Water your plants with it because it is a very good fertilizer.

Coffee grinds

Coffee grinds are a great fertilizer for your plants.

Water from vegetable cooking

Water your plants with water where you have cooked your vegetables.

Water your plants with water where you have boiled your potatoes.

Use potato peels to fertilize your plants. Cut them into bits and place them on the soil around the plant.

When cooking, store all the peels from the vegetables you use for cooking. Mix them together and make a groove around the plants, cover it with soil, water and you will see the results in a week.

Meat water

Water your plants with water where you have washed your chicken or meat.

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