dog going to the bathroom on the grass

House Training your Dog

House Training your Dog

Having a dog do its “business” inside your home can be frustrating and disgusting at the same time. This article will help you train it to go do its necessities outside.


Pick an area outside for your dog to use.

Take your dog to the same place every time. It will smell its own scent this way.

Be patient. If your dog is interested in just laying down in the yard, it may not be the best time to take him out.

Praise them when they do their ‘business’ so they will know that it is a good thing to do it there.

Say a word which will be the command for going to the bathroom. Once your dog becomes accustomed to it, you will have to say it less and less each time, to where you say it once and it is done.


A little punishment (VERY GENTLE tap on the nose) should be done when he does his business inside the house. and  reward him and praise him when he “goes” outside.

This will take time, and may not work for every dog.

Remember that Patience is a virtue !


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