How to Clean Bronze

How to Clean Bronze

Bronze is a very common metal and there are a large number of decorative objects on the market.

How to clean it:

To give a shiny look to bronze pieces, immerse them in a hot red wine bath. Allow them to dry and shine them with a dry cloth. It is not necessary to use an expensive wine. Using red cooking wine, will suffice.

Bronze objects such as old locks or figurines can be cleaned with soapy water.

They can also be cleaned using a mixture of vinegar, salt and flour. Dissolve ½ teaspoon salt in half a cup of vinegar and add wheat flour to make a paste. Apply this paste to the bronze stains and leave it applied for 10 minutes. Wash and remove the past, then wipe the metal using a dry cloth.

You can use this cleaning paste for practically every metal.

Use a clean cloth or a brush to clean bronze.

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