How to Clean Copper

How to Clean Copper

Copper is a very strong material but loses its original brightness with relative ease. Not all types of copper utensils are treated in the same way. It is necessary to take into account the degree of dirt, oxidation and also its purpose: if it is for gastronomic or merely decorative use. In the following article you will find useful tips on how to clean copper using simple materials in your kitchen.

The easiest way to keep it clean is simply using soapy water.

Another effective way to clean objects made with this metal is to rub them with a cloth moistened in lemon juice and then to wipe them with a cloth impregnated with soda water.

It can also be cleaned with lemon, water and salt. Rinse, dry and shine with a dry cloth.

You can use a mixture of vinegar, salt and flour. Dissolve ½ teaspoon salt in half a well of vinegar and add wheat flour to make a paste. Apply this paste to the stains of copper or any metal and leave it applied for 10 minutes. Wash and remove the paste and wipe the metal using a dry cloth.

Another way to clean copper is by rubbing it with wheat flour. Then use a dry cloth.

To shine copper prepare a thick paste of salt moistened with vinegar and rub the object vigorously. Then dry with a clean cloth.

You can also shine it by rubbing it with half an onion.

Objects of copper that has blackened, can be rubbed with a cloth dipped in milk and then rub with a dry cloth.

When copper is very dirty and it is old and stained, immerse it in a liter of boiling vinegar and add 2 tablespoons of sea salt. Let it cool, rinse, and use a copper cleaner.


How to clean Copper kitchen utensils:

Containers for making preserves, cauldrons and pots, can be cleaned with lemon juice, fresh cabbage leaves, vinegar with boiling salt, and even dry potato pulp. All these are effective remedies to remove the most tenacious stains in copper and thus not having to manipulate chemicals that are difficult to handle and toxic to your health.

In all cases, rinse the objects after any treatment, let them dry and shine with a piece of chamois.


Tips for Cleaning Copper Ornaments:

Copper in objects such as floor lamps, chandeliers, electric appliqués, antique furniture fittings are deteriorating over time by the action of dust and contact with the atmosphere.

The first thing to try is to wash them with a sponge soaked in water with alcohol and ammonia.

You can try to wash them with boiling water, slightly soapy and rinse the object with boiling water as well.

Copper from chimneys is blackened by the formation of copper sulphide. To avoid using dangerous chemicals try using cooking salt with vinegar. You might have to rub it for a long time so that the stains disappear.

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