How to Clean Furniture

How to Clean Furniture

Wood Furniture

To clean wood furniture use a rag moistened with water and vinegar. Pass the rag over the furniture gently and let it dry. With a piece of dry cloth rub the furniture to make it shinny.

Use strong tea to give new color to faded furniture pieces. When the tea dries apply 2 coats of clear hairspray and then seal it with wax. Your furniture will look great.

Rattan Furniture

Rub rattan furniture with a lemon (cut in half) and then pass a clean, dry rag. They will look clean and shiny.

Use mentholated alcohol to clean your rattan furniture.

Wash it with soapy water with salt. Dry thoroughly with cotton rags.

Use a piece of suede to clean them daily.

Varnished Furniture

You can clean varnished furniture with hair shampoo. Dry with cotton rags.

Clean varnished furniture with a piece of raw potato. It will make it very shinny.

Noisy Furniture

To stop those annoying noises cabinets make when you open them, take a bar of soap and rub it over the hinges and in those places where wood touches wood.

Upholstery stains

Remove fresh stains from upholstery using shaving cream.

Dustless cushions

Wrap the entire cushion in a wet fabric. Shake well. The dust will adhere to the wet fabric.

Prevent scratches on your furniture

When you place ornaments on a table, glue a piece of felt under the ornament so your table won’t get scratched.

Wax stains on furniture

To prevent wax spills and stains from candles, put them in the refrigerator several hours before using them and they won’t spill as much. Take them out just before you need to use them.

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