How to Clean Glass, Windows and Bottles

How to Clean Glass, Windows and Bottles

Glass cleaning tips

  • Use air freshener to clean glass, mirrors and windows. It does a good job and leaves a lovely smell around the house.
  • Clean glass and crystal objects with 90 degree alcohol or with a few drops of ammonia mixed with water.
  • Mix a Tbs. of vinegar for each liter of water. This solution is excellent for cleaning glass and crystal.
  • Use a moist rag to remove dust accumulated on the glass. Immediately use newspaper to shine your windows.
  • Remove dry paint stains from your glass window using hot oil or rubbing it with a piece of cloth dampened in hot vinegar.
  • Your mirrors in the bathroom won’t fog up if you clean them with alcohol.

Cleaning car windows

  • Clean your car windows with a raw potato cut in half and a piece of newspaper.
  • Use a moist rag impregnated in baking powder to keep your car windows clean.

Cleaning bottles

  • To clean glass bottles fill them with water half way and add a Tbs. of baking soda. Shake well, wait an hour and then rinse.
  • If you don’t have the right brush to fit through the narrow neck of a bottle, substitute it by putting egg shells inside (or raw rice) and a little detergent. Shake well, and the bottle will be clean.

Cleaning lenses

  • Apply a drop of vinegar on the lenses and rub gently with a rag.
  • Your lenses will look impeccable if you rub them with a bit of toothpaste. Then rinse them with warm water and dry them gently.
  • Plastic lenses are best cleaned with lemon juice.

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