How to Clean Different Metals

How to Clean Different Metals


Tin plague is a very strong oxidation that destroys the metal almost completely, in particular the old tin objects. Before, it was not known how to give tin sufficient protection against this oxidation. There is only one remedy to combat this plague and not to lose precious objects. First brush the object with a strong solution of hard soap and then wet it with 10% hydrochloric acid. Let the object rest for 10 hours, then rub the surface with a fine steel sponge and rinse the metal for 1 hour with running water. Store tin objects in a place where there is heat and away from moisture.

To clean tin objects, rub them with calcium carbonate, moistened with turpentine oil.

You can also scrub tin objects with warm beer.



The brass objects are cleaned well with a paste of salt and oil. You can also use salt and vinegar.

Renew brass by rubbing it with a mixture of lemon juice and salt. You can also use half a lemon and salt it repeatedly as it cleans.

To prevent the brass from tarnishing prematurely, thread it with neutral bitumen after cleaning and shining it.



Clean nickel items with a few drops of oil.

To remove dark stains, scrub the metal with moistened cigarette ash.

Apply thick oil on rust stains on nickel. After 3 days, remove the oil and scrub the metal with a cloth dampened in a solution of ammonia and water.

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