Kiwi and Your Health

Kiwi and Your Health

Kiwi’s Health Benefits:

This tropical fruit provides large doses of vitamin C, fiber and water. It is also an excellent alternative for regulating cholesterol. It is a diuretic and a laxative and it has low caloric content; which makes it an essential food to help you lose or maintain weight. It has also been attributed antioxidant, rejuvenating and healing properties.

Research conducted in England and Norway has found that daily consumption of kiwi improves your heart health, helps weight loss, and reduces blood clots.

Uses in Natural Medicine:

  • It contains almost twice as much vitamin C as oranges, so it not only reduces episodes of colds and the flu, but it accelerates healing.
  • Smokers have an excellent ally in kiwi. Its daily intake helps restore the vitamin C that smoking destroys.
  • When consumed daily, kiwi boosts the assimilation of iron content in other foods.
    It is an excellent source of vitamin E, low in fat. Its antioxidant properties can reduce the risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.
  • It improves intestinal transit and prevents constipation.
  • It is ideal to regulate hormone levels in menopause and helps reduce hot flashes.
    This fruit should not be absent from your table in your everyday meals. Besides being delicious, it contains large amounts of vitamins C, B and E. Include it in your diet. It will help maintain or lose weight.

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