Our Hair

Our Hair

Hair protects us and helps us preserve body heat since we lose 90% of our body warmth thru our heads. We have about 100 thousand hairs in our heads. Each hair grows approximately 6 millimeters a month and when a hair falls, another one grows in its place. It is normal to loss approximately 100 hairs a day, but if the follicles in your head die and no new hairs grow, a person becomes bald.

If a person has thick hair or thin hair depends on the size of the follicles. Hair color is determined by the melanin existent in each hair which is the same pigment found in our skin. We lose melanin as we age and when we get old our hair turns white. This color is just the total absence of melanin since the body does not produce it.

To have healthy, strong and shiny hair we must have good nutrition and have a diet rich in hair nutrients. Protein, healthy fats, and the daily intake of B complex Vitamins, Vitamin A, and Iron, are essential.

To avoid hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff and dryness, it is necessary to choose specific and appropriate products for each hair type. It is also important to protect it from chemicals, swimming pool chlorine and from the sun.

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