Removing Musty Smell from Closets

Removing Musty Smell from Closets

How to remove musty smell from closets and drawers

If a closet or a kitchen cabinet smells like mildew, clean it with a mild solution of peroxide water or vinegar diluted in water. After that, keep the closet or cabinet open until it dries completely.

Leave the doors open from time to time.

Place a 25 watt light bulb- upside down- inside de closet. Even though it uses a little more energy, the heat generated by the bulb, will warm up the inside of the cabinet it and will accelerate the drying process.

Place camphor filled plates inside the closet.

If your closet is in a room with poor ventilation, place a bowl full of quicklime on the floor. Camphor and quicklime process hygroscopic properties.

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