Smoking Can Kill You

Smoking Can Kill You

Don’t Become One More Statistic

About two million people die each year as a direct consequence of tobacco smoking. When it makes combustion, a cigarette produces about 4.000 different toxic gases which get inside the lungs and blood of those who smoke or are near smokers. Nevertheless, every day thousands of young people start the habit and millions more continue smoking.

Cigarrettes and Cancer

Cigarette smoke is the number one carcinogenic and the mortality rates indicate just that. Smoking causes more deaths that A.I.D.S., alcohol abuse, automobile accidents, legal and illegal drugs, suicides, and homicides all together. More than three million premature deaths a year are attributed to cigarette smoking. This habit is the cause of 30% of all cancer related deaths in developed countries. A person dies every 10 seconds from tobacco related illnesses and 1.1 billion people are smokers. (a third of the adult population over 15 years of age, according to the OMS). It is unfortunate that cigarette consumption has been legally and socially acceptable in almost all parts of the world, even if it causes more deaths than all psychoactive substances put together.

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