Tips for Training Cats

Tips for Training Cats

Cats are good company because they are usually affectionate and they like to hear the human voice. They are much more independent than dogs and their desire is not to please their masters like dogs. They like to operate alone without obeying the orders of their masters. To control their actions we must resort to clever tricks to make them obey.

How to make cats take their medicine

Cats are not very likely to take their medicine and to ensure that they do, one must be more intelligent than they are.

The following trick works wonders:
Mix their medicine with a little water or milk and apply it on one of the legs. The cat’s habit licking their legs will make them take their medicine.

To keep a cat away from a place

If you want your cat not to enter a particular place in the house or urinate there, sprinkle the area with a strong perfume. They dislike strong smells so they will stay away from that area.

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