potty training a dog

Training an Older Dog

Training an Older Dog

How to Potty Train an Older Dog.

Old dogs can learn new tricks and one very important trick he needs to learn is not to use your house as a bathroom.


  1. Remove all odors from previous accidents. This can be done many ways. There are many products on the market that work well, but they can be expensive. For an easy home solution use a mixture of water and vinegar to spray the area.
  2. Have a leash ready and keep it by the door.
  3. Put the leash on the dog and walk him into the area where you want him to go potty. Ignore the dog, let him sniff around. Wait a few minutes and if he doesn’t go, take him back inside. Wait a few minutes and repeat the process. Watch him closely while he is inside.
  4. When he finally goes potty outside, praise him, give him a treat. If you are in a fenced backyard, take the leash off and let him have some fun. You can even take him for a walk, take him to the park and play ball. You want him to know he made you happy by doing his “business” outside and all dogs want is to make their masters happy.

If he makes a mistake in the house and you see him, show your disappointment, let him know, but don’t get angry and never hit your dog. Remember that he is still learning. If your dog goes potty inside the house it is because he either doesn’t know he isn’t supposed to or because you don’t take him out often enough and he can’t hold it any longer.


Watch your dog’s behavior. Know what your dog does before he goes potty. He scratches the door with his paws, whines at the door, starts walking in circles or just starts wandering around. Learning these clues will help you know when it is time to take him out.

Feed your dog at specific times (and pay attention to how much water he drinks) Dogs usually go potty right after they eat.

Neutered males don’t urinate on things to mark their territory as much as non- neutered dog do.

If you are not thinking about breeding your dog it is a good idea to get him “fixed”.

Warning signs

If your dog suddenly has accidents in the house it could be health related. Seek a veterinarian.

If your dog needs to go to the potty often, this could be a health related problem and it is advisable to call your Veterinarian and schedule a visit.

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