Uses of Salt in the Garden

Uses of Salt in the Garden

Here are just a few of the many ways you can put salt to good use in your garden:

Kill poison ivy

Mix three pounds of salt with a gallon of soapy water and apply to leaves and stems with a sprayer. It is best to use gentle dish soap. Avoid any plant life that you want to keep.

Arrange artificial flowers

Artificial flowers can be held in place by pouring salt into the vase, adding a little cold water and then arranging the flowers. The salt become solid as it dries and holds the flowers in place.

Stop ants

Sprinkle salt at doorways, window sills and anywhere else ants sneak into your house. Ants don’t like to walk on salt.

Prevent patio weeds

If weeds or grass grow between bricks or blocks in your patio, sidewalk or driveway, carefully spread salt between the cracks, then sprinkle with water or wait for rain to wet it down.

Destroy Moths

Salt helps destroy moths and drives away ants.

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